Packing for Camino #3

After four years of waiting, two in lockdown, and one in limbo, I am now making final arrangements for my third (and 4th) Camino adventure. When I completed the Camino Portuguese in 2018, I was excited to share the experience with family. After my first Camino, I arranged to take Jean to Spain and drive the Camino Francés before we took a cruise out of Barcelona. My hope was to demonstrate to her the shared experience that Pilgrims enjoy but while staying in as many Paradores as possible. We were able to stay in one Casa Rural and we enjoyed a couple snack beaks along the route in Galicia where the Camino crosses the road. Jean had no interest in staying in albergues and sharing bathrooms and showers but she was perfectly capable of walking the route. I believe she was able to capture the essence of the Camino. This year I will finally be able to share the experience with two brothers, one nephew, and my two grown children. My hope is to blog every day and attach photos to capture the experience but most of all, I would like them to know the magic of the Camino. One of my favorite phrases about the Camino if that the Camino does not give you what you are looking for, it gives you what you need. Let’s see if that is true for them. We will start in Sarria and complete the 107 Km since the young people have to get back to work. I will then complete the Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago loop for one additional Compostela. We depart the US on 1 Sep. Buen Camino


10 thoughts on “Packing for Camino #3

  1. Michelle Metcalf says:

    Sir, this is so awesome! I retired almost a year ago, and the Camino is still on my bucket list! So neat to see you going again! Que tengas un buen camino!

    Michelle Metcalf


  2. estancia219 says:

    Michael,SO looking forward to your updates!! It will be special this year with so much family with you. Love every minute of it!!!Huge hugs,GinnySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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