Not so fast!

Gentle readers, it is said that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Last week my years of planning for the leisurely start of this year’s Camino found an enemy in Covid-19. I believe that I will still be able to go but it will be touch (wash your hands) and go.

I did not see this coming. I had not been sick for years, in great part due to the isolation , hand washing, and masking. When I first started feeling a tightness in my throat, and a headache, I assumed it was a summer cold. A common occurrence when one is in and out of air conditioning. I was also training for the Camino in the South Carolina heat where it is difficult to remain properly hydrated. My resistance may have been down.

Things got gradually worse with the addition of stuffiness, a cough, and a low grade fever. I woke after a fitful night and took a home COVID test. Positive! Of course I have no idea where it found me. I live alone and in the past weeks, other than my daily walks early in the morning, I have been to one restaurant where we sat outside and to Sunday Mass. the fact is, I have it. Now what?

I found that after consultation with doctors, rest, hydration, and ibuprofen, I was able to turn the tide and I am on the mend. I am no longer in danger of passing it to others but instead of driving to Virginia today, I will continue to quarantine until Thursday, 1 September. On that day, I will drive the 8+ hours to link up with my children and get to the airport for our 6 PM flight. The interesting test for me will be walking 10-12 miles a day. At 73, when you take more than a week off of your training, you are a month behind. This will be a challenge for this old soldier. I will endeavor to keep you posted.


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