Coming Home

Seven days at sea ended today with a nine hour stop in Nassau Bahamas. To say it was anti-climactic is an understatement. I realize that it may be unfair to measure a country by your first impression/ their port or airport but after all, first impressions are based on what you see first.

I had never been in the Bahamas and I was anxious to see it so I was one of the first off the boat today at 9:30. It reminded me of the beginning of the movie “My big Fat Greek Wedding ” when they run the credits they continued to cross out Greek and add several other ethnic groups to emphasize the sameness of all. I have been in many Caribbean ports and I could not say that there was a noticeable difference. The smells, the music, the hawking taxi drivers, even the hair braided (although I would have given them quite a challenge).

So after a warm and humid walk looking at $25 tee shirts and $31 onesies, I decided that my family will just have to go without. I did take a picture or two just to prove that I was there and I returned to the ship to pack my bags for my return to the USA tomorrow morning.

Glad I saw it but I did make sure that I left nothing there so I have no need to return. I look forward to Miami and a visit with dear friends before my flight home. This has been a wonderful trip. It was all things one wants in a trip, I had great fun with friends, I learned things I did not know (including things about myself), I read a book a week, and averaged over 17,000 steps per day.

I wish all my gentle readers all the best that life has to offer.


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