This was a first for my cruising life. We are scheduled to spend the day on Wednesday in Punta Delgada, Azores before a 6 day Atlantic crossing. However, also expected to be spending the day in Punta Delgada is Hurricane Lorenzo with at least 92 mph winds and 15 foot seas.

The Captain announced this afternoon as we landed in Lisbon that we will be leaving Lisbon early tomorrow and NOT stopping in the Azores. Instead we will be heading due south to avoid the storm and have 7 days at sea before we get to the Bahamas.

I expect that we will still be effected by the storm but I am glad we will not have to be buttoned up in our cabins with buckets and Dramamine.

Meanwhile I had a lovely day today walking about Lisbon with new friends and I look forward to another day tomorrow before we have seven days at sea.

Thanks to the internet package and the ability to download books. Oh, and the drink package.

Abrazos a todos


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