At sea

Cruising is a kind of reverse Fat Camp. We skipped the Azores and are now about 250 nautical miles south of the Azores and out if trouble. We are enduring 10-12 foot seas and walking is a bit of a challenge especially on the upper decks but I am having no problem getting in excess of 10,000 steps per day.

Although this is the smallest ship I have been in there is no issues with things to do. I have breakfast at 8:00, attend 9:00 Mass, and them walk 10,00 steps in deck 5 before going to the gym. I am listening to books while walking and have completed four so far. After the gym I hit the spa for a steam, catch some sun and perhaps a whirlpool, then shower and get ready for dinner.

I am meeting lots of interesting people but I am learning just how peculiar society is to single people. Showing up at the restaurant and being asked “Just you?” I know is not done to be mean but it is careless and sounds as though they are saying that they were expecting someone better. Also the where is your wife question is common and of course the strange looks as people are wondering my sexuality, whether I am on the prowl, or they are just nervous and uncomfortable.

I can handle it all but wish I didn’t have to.


4 thoughts on “At sea

      • Elizabeth says:

        Loved “All the Light We Cannot See” so much that a few years ago, when we were vacationing in Brittany with the family, after they all went back to Bologna we spent a few more days so that I could see St Malo. Of course it had all been bombed and reconstructed, and now is so overrun with tourists, souvenir shops and restaurants that I had to use all of my powers of imagination to conjure up Marie-Laure navigating the winding streets based on her father’s fantastic model.



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