How things change and others stay the same. In December of 1979, we were driven by Glenn and Marcia Weidner to visit the “White Town” of Mijas as it sit hanging from the mountain overlooking Fuengirola. It was a beautiful day and, although I don’t know how the 5 adults and 3 children rode in that car, we enjoyed great views of the Costa del Sol and had a great lunch of paella and sangria. I can still hear the laughter and see Betty’s rosy red cheeks and those twinkling Irish eyes peeking over them as she sat in the sun and the sangria did its magic. Mijas is today larger and more commercial but still the gloriously situated white washed town it was four decades ago.

A view from the top overlooking Fuengirola and the Costa del Sol.

Mountain town streets

A bit of a side story about the brick building 50 yards up this street. It is the Museum of wine. I had an hour and a half to just walk about as part of my tour so it should be no surprise to those that know me that I ended up there. In there I met Lorena, an engaging Spanish beauty ( why do I keep meeting women in their 40s?). She is very knowledgeable about Spanish wines and happens to like sherry and my favorite brandy. I spent nearly all of my free time talking with her about everything possible. Yes she has also completed the Camino and yes she is a foodie. I shared with her the names of two good wine movies made in the US, she gave me the name of one from Spain. I told her of my experience of tasting olive oil infused with orange zest and she let me try her lime infused olive oil made by her mother. Fantastic!

What’s not to love about this country?



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