Favorable First Impresión

Arrived mid morning after an uneventful flight to a bustling capital city. The traffic was reasonable and the people friendly. Like most airports, LIS is a sprawling large airport with a lot of walking to get through immigration and again to get to baggage claim. One plus is that there is no waiting for your baggage. By the time you make the long walk, the bags are on the carousel.

The Doubletree is a new hotel that was built by retrofitting an old iron works. I have yet to explore all of the hotel but the rooms are very nicely appointed. The staff was very friendly and treated me to the signature cookie upon my arrival.

My intention for the next few days is to walk the city to get to know Lisbon. I was here once 10 years ago on business but never had the time to tour the city. On 1 September I will join the official tour.


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