And another adventure begins

This is a test blog as today I begin another adventure in travel. This time it is NOT walking the Camino but taking a guided tour excursion to some of the iconic Paradores and Pousadas if Portugal and Spain. I am packed and ready to go to the airport.

There are three phases of my journey. Phase one is to Lisbon. The tour actually starts on 1 Sep but I am going early to get to know Lisbon better and to adjust to the time change before the trip. From 1 September to 14 Sep the small group of 15 will be visiting castles and palaces in Evora, Carmona, Ubeda, and on to Madrid.

Once in Madrid I will revert to solo travel and rent an apartment 14-25 September. I am looking forward to a mini reunion at the apartment with wonderful people I met on the Camino last year.

To get home I am taking a cruise line out of Barcelona for 13 days that terminates in Miami. Another great way to stave off jet lag.

For those interested, you may follow along as I intend to post pictures of some of the lesser seen paradors.

You are welcomed.


11 thoughts on “And another adventure begins

  1. John Tillson says:

    Sounds like a great trip. Please consider a visit when you get to Miami. We are just a few minutes from the port of Miami and would love to see you. We have lots of room. John and Elizabeth


  2. Hola, Michael. Me alegra mucho saber que empiezas un nuevo viaje por España y Portugal. Espero que lo disfrutes mucho y, por supuesto, seguiré tu blog con mucho interés. Tenía entendido que ibas a hacer el Camino del Norte con un amigo, ¿Qué fue de ese proyecto? ¿Lo dejas para otro momento? Deseando empezar a leer sobre tu aventura portuguesa, te envío un fuerte abrazo. Emi.


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