This is a wonderfully walkable town set on seven hills on the shore of the Tagus river. It is an obviously proud capital with its history prominently displayed in the many parks and promenades beautifully tiled and lined with trees and benches. On my 12,000 step walk before 1200 I passed many iconic displays of the remnant architectural influences of the cultures that have occupied these hills over the millennia that this important port city has been in existence. As I passed from park to park one notices this many cafes that occupy the canyons if the city high rises each competing for customers in the shade of the mix of the modern and the ancient buildings.

I am pleased with my decision to come early to Lisbon to explore in my own. There are many similarities with other European capitals but it seems friendly and more youthful. It is helpful that English is a predominantly second language here due to many years if British tourism that has lead to English being taught at schools from an early age. My Spanish however is of little use here due to the pride of the Portuguese people. I find it helpful in reading menus however but I find it best to keep it to myself.

Tomorrow I plan to tour the palaces and parks of Sintra and the beach town of Cascáis by bus. The weather is not a factor as there are cloudless skies and temperatures in the low 80s. It is no surprise to me that Madonna, Scarlet Johansson, John Malkovich and many other celebrities have chooses to live here.


4 thoughts on “Lisbon

  1. Tom and Mary says:

    Michael, you are a great ADVON! We cannot wait to join you on Sunday! Glad you are scoping it all out and having a grand time doing it; please arrange a lunch with Scarlet Johansson…that would be fun! Your travelogues are priceless! Toma and Mary


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