14 thoughts on “Day 10 pix

  1. Kay says:

    Michael, Love the pictures! Like the one of you and your Friend Dan together. Many years of Friendship. Walking together….Great!
    God Bless.


  2. Cordy & Arch Arnold says:

    Camino Papi !! You look none the worse for wear. Hope Florence does not pay Summerville a visit just before your return. Good luck w/ that and the remainder of your trek. Carry on! —-Cordy & Arch


  3. Kay says:

    Shame on that person who stole your Belt! While walking you passed an old fashioned shoe shop that had Leather Belts!!!
    How’s that for God’s Blessings?



  4. Donna Milligan says:

    Glad you are walking away from Hurricane’s. No mail, no garbage pickup only thing to look forward 2 are the Hurricane Parties 🎈Ha! Anyway enjoy the walk we miss you, wish you were here to cook all the frozen food when the power goes out! DKM


  5. Rich says:

    After reading and viewing your day by day walking exploits you are just like a modern day Pausanius stopping at and describing ancient buildings , Roman roads and monuments that you saw on the Camino de Santiago.

    This is a blog to treasure as you travel that ancient way. Many went before you through the ages and you in a sense walk with all of them. You are part of history. And you’re lucky you’re missing all the ‘cane fun.😎👍 Best to you as you go on to finish your walk. We’ll see you when you come back.


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