Day 10 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

Beautifully cool morning to walk away from the coast. Cool and dry as we started our journey earlier than ever. We had 18 miles to go into the interior of Galicia and Spain. We made good time walking along Roman Road 19.

Most of the trail today was along heavily wooded Roman Roads crossing streams on stones placed there thousands of us ears ago. As this was day 10, there is an interesting phenomenon that kicks in along the Camino. There are no new faces. Almost everyone we passed or passed by us where people we have seen or met or befriended before.

As breakfast is rarely provided one starts out when you can and you stop in an open bar and have coffee and a roll. This morning after walking for nearly an hour, we stopped for coffee at a place where a large group of Spaniard were having their coffee. Since they were staying at our place 2 nights ago, it was like old home week. Ramon has done 5 Caminos and always does it with friends. Their delightful banter and joy of life are contagious. They passed us along the way and we passed them. Always exchanging banter of some sort. I caught them crossing one of the Roman bridges.

I have been surprised at the number of people on the Camino Portugues. My experience on the Camino Frances is that there are always people. The day I started on 5 September 2015 from St Jean Pie de Port there were 450 people that also started that day. But I never saw more than a few of them along the trail over my 29 days. Here there are times when you can look up and count more than 20 in sight before the next bend. Unfortunately this requires one to take bathroom breaks only in bathrooms. It also requires one to make reservations for lodging ahead of time which does reduce the flexibility one has in how far or little one walks each day.

Because of sketchy WiFi right now, the pictures will have to follow


One thought on “Day 10 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

  1. Kristen says:

    Surprised to hear this Camino is more populated than Frances. Sounds like that would make it a much more social experience. Each Camino will be unique!


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