Day 11 Caldas de Reis to Padron

Crossing over this Roman Bridge at 7:30 this morning in the dark, we set out for a relatively short day to Padron. Only 14 miles with a small hill (only 56 flights of stairs) and the eat down hill we made very good time arriving at our lodging at 1215.

The thought occurred to me today on the walk that we pass more churches than anything else but I fail to photograph them as there are so many. Below please find a chapel from the 12th Century.

Another fascinating structure all over these billiards are the drying sheds for corn and grain that are built above ground to protect the products. Here is a photo of one just outside of Padron.

Always the first priority is to find a bed. Not any bed. We gentleman of a certain age do not want a top bunk. I have to have an outlet nearby for my CPAP. It usually works to my advantage that people do not understand the CPAP not sleep apnea.They just want to accommodate me and not think about it.

As we were earlier than expected we decided to have the pilgrim meal. Choice of protein ( pork, chicken or fried fish) with fries, rice, and a salad. Comes with a drink, desert all for 10€. We had to add a plate of Padron Peppers since we were here and if I did not Jean would have punished me.

Tomorrow we push the final 25 km to Santiago de Compostela and the completion of our journey. Our plan is to spend 2 days in Santiago so I expect to attend the pilgrims mass on Saturday noon. There will be tears.


4 thoughts on “Day 11 Caldas de Reis to Padron

  1. Tom Cafaro says:

    Great pictures and engaging commentary. Makes me feel like I am there and also implants a desire to make the trek myself. Enjoy the last stroll down the 18 fairway.


  2. Kristen says:

    Such gorgeous pics and what a great blue sky day. Enjoy the rest tonight and a great last walking day of this Camino. Relish it. You deserve to!


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