Day 5 pix

For Day six will our last walk in Portugal. We will cross the river into Spain and stay in the town of Tui. It should be about 20-22 km or less than 13 miles mostly down hill with good footing. As Spain is in a different time zone from Portugal, even though we are walking north, the act of crossing the river into Spain will cause us to add one hour and be 6 hours later than the East Coast. The first picture is me at a break with Rose from Ireland and Jane from Wales. Two of the people that we have run into along the way several times. The second is just a walk through the forest.


5 thoughts on “Day 5 pix

  1. Cordy & Arch Arnold says:

    Pls give our regards to Danny….is he light enough for you to carry him when necessary ?? Hope your digs tonite are better than the nightmare you described the other night. Carry on ! —Cordy & Arch


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