Day 5 and all is well

First please all know that I am fine and resting after a difficult climb through farm land and eucalyptus forest. My Fitbit recorded 30,000 steps and 144 flights of stairs. More on the trail later but first please let me whine about last nights accommodations.

There is an old line in a very funny movie that says “Have you ever spent time in a Turkish prison?” Last night it was not funny. I have stayed in albergue a before, shared showers, bunk beds, etc. but last night was classic. 40 people in the room together, without AC, hot as can be, and a festival going on past 4:00 AM with loud music. This was enhanced by a toilet that overflowed in the men’s room. Needless to say, we did not start the day rested.

Today’s trail was all you could hope for, almost nothing in the city. The footing along mountain washouts was challenging. As an experienced hiker now, there is a leasing that one has learned from golf. As you recognize that you may have taken the wrong path up the steep slope or down the precarious footing you will from time to time recognize that you did not pick the ideal route to negotiate the rocks. Like golf, it is always better to take your medicine and go back to the “fairway ” instead of assuming you can make it. There was lots of slipping and tripping today but the only tears were shed when we got to the top and placed a stone on the cross for Jean.


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