Day 6 – Tui, Spain

Started our day early with an albergue provided breakfast we were on our way before 8. The albergue Reposado do Peregrinos was wonderful. For only 15€ we had a room for the 3 of us with our own bath, transport to the restaurant, breakfast and she washed our cloths. Good WiFi also made it a fabulous place to stay. Our goal was to walk farther than the guidebook recommendations and try to make it to Tui. What I did not know that the steep downhills over rolling rocks and old Roman roads were slow going on this old boys knee. Several breaks and some beer and we arrived close to 3PM. Unfortunately that is 4PM in Spain as there is a one hour later time zone change.

Tui is just across the River Minho which is the natural border between Portugal and Spain. The arrows that show you the way along the route make you walk an around about route that takes you through the most touristy areas possible. I know that I am not the most patient tourist but at the end of a hot day when you are tired and hungry I do not care to be forced to walk more to see another old building.

Crossing into Spain for me is an amazing delight. The surprising thing about language here is that the Portuguese want to speak Portuguese and English. I tried speaking Spanish to someone and he asked me to please speak English. The bridge here is only 400 meters long. It is like walking from Virginia to Washington DC across the 14th Street Bridge and everything changes. Walking on original Roman Roads in picture 1. Walking down the hill backward in picture 2, and the River Minho with Tui in the background


3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Tui, Spain

  1. Comcast says:

    Michael, we can see you are enjoying another Camino. Still awes me the Roman roads are still in use. Most of the walk is behind you. Savor the last 5 days.

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