Porto YES!

The name of the hostel and a big endorsement. The location, cost, hospitality and food are great. Kathy McCue, if you are reading this I highly recommend you make a reservation.

Today’s events include breakfast here at the hostel, 1100 mass at the Cathedral. Some reconnaissance of the route out of town for the morning, pick up the “pilgrims passport” And enjoy a winery tour this afternoon. Then dinner, repack, and sleep the sleep of the righteous before tomorrow’s start.

Dinner last night at YES was excellent and a great time. 20 people of course all younger from all over the world. Many Canadians, Brits, several Asians, and a 28 year old woman from Brazil. She is taking a break from grad school in Tennessee and just completed the Camino Portuguese. In addition to being fun, she was full of great advice about the walk we are about to do. I think she qualifies as my first Camino angel. That is defined as someone who shows up unexpectedly with useful or critical information to make the walk better. Of course I know that this time there is another angel looking out for me as well.

I may add another blog entry late today. We will see how the wine tour effects my typing.


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