Finally made it to Porto. Historic city on the Atlantic coast at the mouth of the Douro River. The river runs east to west starting in Spain’s wine country and crosses over the Portuguese border. It it the Duero in Spain and its shores produce some of my favorite wines. Crisp whites, dry roses, and some very complex reds. I always thought that the river was a giant formal dinner with wonderful whites and roses in the east and as you drive west the wines get deeper red until you reach Porto which is famous for its port wine.

I have linked up with DJ and we will spend today and tomorrow getting over the flights and time zones. We will start off early Monday morning headed for Vilarinho about 27 km away. That’s 17.2 miles for the non metric readers. The fought is basically flat but the danger in leaving any large city is finding the way markings. It is easy to walk in circles and find yourself leaving town in the wrong direction. We will have 3 experienced Pilgrims so perhaps we will be OK.

The hostel we are in is named YES! Too easy to do an Abbot and Costello routine on that. It is modern inside but in a very old part of town. The lobby is on the 2nd floor and we are up 3 floors from that. Clean, good Air condition, and good showers. All that a pilgrim needs.

Will try to get a nap in before the 9:00 PM dinner.


2 thoughts on “Porto

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Mike – John and I will be following your spiritual, emotional and physical journey with admiration and affection. Fondly, John and Elizabeth


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