Last night before the walk

Did not plan on this but the last night at YES was a bit wild. First thing is we were blessed with the presence of Mike and Carola for dinner at the hostel. I wanted to show the the joy of the people of the Camino. I think they felt the love of the people that walk to find themselves and the comradreie of people who have chosen to take weeks of their lives and walk. Some for reasons that can not be expressed. Others who are lost soles that just need to move for some reason or another. I think in the short time did one short dinner the Michael Morand felt the deapth of the essanse that is the Camino.

After saying goodnight to the I found a wind party goin in in the hostel with the best dance music ever and DJ leading the way. I can not express how this describes thee Camino experience. We are all soles with issues of our own. I love to dance and I have trouble weeping occasionally due to my loss. So I danced to James Brown and La Bamba and many other things because it was fun and so what if it is nearly 2 AAM and I have to walk tomorrow. Carpe Diem baby. Tomorrow is tomorrow. Dance tonight.

Love to you all. Live for today. Love intensely and often. Life is short. Leave no emotions in expressed. I walk tomorrow and if it is the last please know that I loved well and lived life to the fullest.


4 thoughts on “Last night before the walk

  1. Sandra J Pogue says:

    so glad to hear that you danced, may the camino angels be plentiful along the way, wishing you beauty in your surroundings and peace in your heart


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