Packed and ready to go

After months and hundreds of miles, new boots, new poles, New I phone,  new life. I am ready to take on the Camino Portuguese. Just as last time when I walked the French Way in September of 2015, I am anxious to get started but must be patient since I leave on 31 August, get to Porto on 1 Sep very late, rest on 2 September and start walking on 3 September.

Last time my angst to begin got me up early and I stayed on that schedule for 29 days. Usually leaving in the dark. The standard routine I settled into was arrive in the town, find a place to stay, shower, do laundry, find a place to have lunch (in Spain between 1-4) and rest and write my blog until time to sleep and start all over in the morning. This time I plan to walk with others and assuming we are compatible walkers – meaning the same pace and time of day- things could be very different. I will let you know  stay tuned



3 thoughts on “Packed and ready to go

  1. Michelle Metcalf says:

    This is on my bucket list.
    When I retire, I’m going to do the same thing! Buena suerte en tu viaje! I’ll be following you!



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