People on the Camino

I checked into the municipal albergue in Burgos and the person in the bunk above mine was a fun exuberant New Zealander who had a smile for everyone and would help all pilgrims.  I did not expect to see her again as she was having trouble with her achilles tendon. I departed Burgos the next morning early and I have written of the rain, wind, and mud. after I got to Hontanas and showered and did my domestic chores who comes in to the albergue other than the bright cheerful face from Burgos. We were so bappy to see a familiar face after what we bad walked thru that she gave me a big hug.

For the next 11 days our paths crossed at least once in the day. Each time I would get that big smile and a hug. I have not seen her in two days now but I will fondly remember that pilgrim bond we had.  



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