Day 27 and all is well

A most excellent day for a walk as I departed the state of Lugo and entered a Coruna. The 32 km was on rolling hills and farm roads lined with trees. It was very cool this morning especially when walking through damp fog. My walking partner again today was the Italian Claudio who has the energy not only to keep up but never missed the walnuts and chestnuts on the pathways. He is usually handing me a choice nut as I am climbing a hill and am much more interested in oxygen than food. He is also a mushroom hunter in Italy and cannot resist the occasional porcini along the side of the road. It is amazing to me that we can communicate. This is likely as it was for early pilgrims as well as they walked along in the 1300s meeting people of other languages and cultures.

We ended our walk today at 1:00PM in Melide only 52km (32mileS) outside of Santiago. Looks like I will likely make it into Santiago on Saterday the 3rd of Oct. Coming to grips with the fact that I just might complete this journey. Today’s picture is of km marker 71 as that was an important year for me and many fellow readers. Pic was taken at first light after over 2 hours of walking.  These km markers are all along the Camino and in La Coruna they are at each half km. 



3 thoughts on “Day 27 and all is well

  1. Kristen says:

    Love the km markers! So unique and signifies each step as an accomplishment! Saturday seems like a nice day to complete a walk! We will toast to you when we know you’ve made it! Just got pics of Jean & Luke – they are new friends. You will be soon too!


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