9 thoughts on “Kilometer 100

  1. John Tillson says:

    Finally, a picture of the Pilgrim himself. You must be very satisfied to have come so far and finding yourself in good condition. You can do the last 100 in your sleep.
    I do have one question. Seeing that enormous rucksack, I wonder how your load compares to that of the average pilgrim. Looks like the infantryman has loaded himself with stuff he may not have needed on the walk. No food, no ammo, no military equipment of any kind and clothes that get washed daily. Must be the guide books.

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  2. JT says:

    I’m sorry Congress was able to pass a resolution to keep the Gov’t funded. I was going to take a furlough sabbatical to Spain. You’ll just have to show me around Santiago some other time. Good luck on the homestretch. I hope you’ve retained all your toenails.


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