Rolling on

After surprising myself with a big push of 38km yesterday into Sarria, I hooked up with the Italian Claudio this morning early and did another 31km today. I am now in a small town likely not on the map called Gonsar only 83km from Santiago. That is just over 50 miles. I expect that I will be in Santiago this weekend. I have run out of most of the people I have known along the trail and am now making new Camino friends. The standard questions among pilgrims are, Where are you from?  Where did you start the Camino? When did you start?  With these answers one can compare  yourself to others. Today I passed people that started in Aug and I walked with a guy from Teruel who is walking 40 plus per day. He started on the 10th of Sep. 5 days after me. He plans to finish on Friday. 

It became clear to me during today’s walk why the guide book planned for only 22km for today. We were up and down around cow pastures and barns for seven hours today. Not an easy walk. The scent of cow is something I now identify with Galicia sadly. I used to think of shellfish and seafood but today’s experience and those of the past few days has changed that. 

I have written earlier of the pilgrim’s priorities when you finish your walk of the day. Today after finding a bed and a shower I washed my cloths and hung them to dry in the afternoon sun. I was stricken with the irony that one washes cloths hoping that that will smell better tomorrow but as I was hanging them to dry I noticed that the cloths line was positioned between the cows and the garbage bins of the restaurant. Not much chance those shirts will smell any better tomorrow. Stay tuned as the Camino gets shorter each day. 


One thought on “Rolling on

  1. Kristen says:

    Ahhh, I love the smell of cow dung in the morning! I just wonder if Jean should bring a separate empty suitcase with a big garbage bag for your camino stuff, and a new set of clean clothes for you to wear in her presence and on the plane. For everyone’s sake!!

    Only 50 or so to go?!?! This is truly amazing. You know you’ve made it hard to just be a banker the past few weeks, don’t you?



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