Day 21

Now three weeks into the Camino and I might get the hang of this. A tough day of 28 km that took us over the highest point in the Camino. I stopped short of the day 24 guidebook recommendation at El Acebo. This is a beautiful mountain town and the albergue I chose was just built last year. It is new and modern with a fantastic view of the town of Molinaseca. There will be one of those great Spanish sunsets out my window. If only I can stay awake for it.

Not a walk in the park today as the climb was one challenge but the climb back down was very tough on broken shale and washed out trails. One finds oneself focusing on every step knowing that one wrong move can end the Camino for you. On the way I crossed the highest point on the Camino, the Cruz de fiero at about a mile high. Magnificent views from up there but we are always aware of the fact that what goes up must come down. Now with 140 miles to go. Tough decision tomorrow as I have the possibility of a bed at 16.4 km or 33 km. Nothing in between. The Camino and my body will tell me what to do.   If only I will listen. 


2 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Kristen says:

    Until I began running, which was at the ripe old age of 34, I never would have comprehended that down is often much harder than up. But it sure is, and as knees get older than the rest of me somehow, it seems harder still. Perhaps wearing heels by day accelerates the knees’ aging. It’s a working theory. At least for my knees.

    Congrats on making it both up & down the big hill!! Way to go!!

    Going to Chicago Gourmet today – our third year. Emeril among others will be there. I’ll be sure to have some cava to toast your accomplishments so far and to come!


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