People on the Camino

I have written of the many nations, ages, genders, and sizes of the people who walk the Camino. As I have a couple weeks left, it may be time to start singling them out (since they are unlikely to ever see this blog). 

Starting in the bus station in Pamplona with me were Hugh and Chris from BC, Canada. He is originally from NZ and a forestry specialist and she is Polish raised in Edinburough, Scotland. Very pleasant and engaging. He is 71 and she is younger than he. This is the couple I wrote of that we’re no longer walking together as he left her behind as she was too slow for him. One has to wonder how that will play in future family gatherings. 

Austin is a very large man, perhaps 30 with several degrees, speaks many languages and is not employed. He was walking his 4th Camino. Never saw him after St Jean. 

The first two days I had an excellent walking partner who had completed the Camino from Pamona to Santiago but needed to do the portion from St Jean to Pamona. I wrote that I walked with.a Lutheran priest from Finland. True enough but I did. I failed to mention that the priest was a woman in her late 50s

Somewhere along the trail I passed a couple with a Deep South accent. Dave and Beverly from Memphis and I spent at least 3 nights in the same albergue with them before Burgos. Very nice people. He is 71 and a former designer and builder of parade floats and she is likely a bit younger. 

Bradley and Carol are two 40 something’s from Australia. Their kids are off to college so they both took jobs in London for two years. Their visa was up so they are walking the Camino jobless and homeless and as happy as can be. Wonderfully engaging and friendly to all. I still owe him a beer. 

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3 thoughts on “People on the Camino

  1. Caesar and Judy Meledandri says:

    The whole point of the Camino is to be yourself and to enjoy the journey and that is what you are doing. Good luck with the remainder of the walk. As always I pray for your safe return.


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