People II

There were the Swedes. English speaking and world travelers they were doing only a portion of the Camino but we had a great night together in an albergue where English was the common language. I guess their ages at late 60s. He is a Walter Mitty character always with a book in his face and little to say. She is still a stunningly beautiful blond that could still be modeling today.  Full of life, they travel the world. 

Donna is a 69 year old Italian American from California with money. She has one new hip and will need another soon. She is a delightful and fun personality who walks the Camino but sends he pack ahead each day to lighten her load. Great company on the walk or at dinner in town. 

The Kicks:  A wonderful Australian couple who are homeless in Europe for two years. They rented their home and decided to house sit for a couple of years in Europe. They established a web site and flew to Paris for the first job of 3 weeks. Their next job of house sitting is in Italy for 3 months but not until Oct. So the Camino was filling the gap. They are also in their 70s and full of life. Later I will tell a funny story about my helping them to make a reservation. 

Etienne is a French retired satellite engineer for Air Bus. We walked together today and I heard fascinating stories about the management of satellites.  He is about 70 with 3 daughters. Retired a year ago and an excellent walker. His English is so French. 

More later. 


2 thoughts on “People II

  1. Brother Bob says:

    Love the blog. I never doubted you not getting it done. Great you met so many other pilgrims testing their mettle. Sounds like many of the folks are in search of aa simpler life. They rode the waves of life and are looking for sweet and simple.
    Proud as ever to have you as a brother.


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