Priceless Experiences 

Pilgrims are always looking to eat in a Spanish town when the kitchens are closed. One can get lunch from 1-4 but dinner from 7-9. If you finish your walk at say 2PM and shower, do your laundry and set it in the sun to dry, tend to your feet, and then look for something to eat at 4:01 you are out of luck in Spain.

Last night I was looking for food around 6PM and having no luck. I looked into a bar and there was only 4 elderly gents watching TV with a drink. I looked up to see that they were watching  the bull fights. I decided that food could wait and I joined them. One was an 82 year old former torero who sat by me explaining the nuances of every move. He would even stand and demonstrate the movement of the cape and the actions of the bull and what the torero was watching for. It was priceless


7 thoughts on “Priceless Experiences 

  1. Kristen says:

    Knew you’d do the 33km. And LOVE that you met a torero. What a classic experience. Reminds me of the goring I saw at age 16 in Madrid. Of the torero might I add. More than the tour guides of my high school trip bargained for. He lived. And I was still in awe of the pomp and circumstance.

    We are leaving NY now, leaving K&B in good hands alone with L&L for a few days before more family arrive to help them. It’s a good thing.


  2. Joe Ritchie says:

    I believe I remember you making some torpedo moves when dancing with Amanda at her wedding. What a magnificent experience you are having.


  3. Tom Mannle says:

    I think you need to adjust your schedule…Upon arrival, find a bed, dump your pack…THEN food and drink (yes!), and after that get clean in body and clothing, and…take a nap until dinner….first things first


  4. The timing is based on how long it takes things to dry. I have had to carry wet clothing the next day and it is not fun. The schedule of walk, checking in, shower, wash and hang, then find food works best for me. After a post food nap, checking the laundry and preparing for next day before dinner and off again.


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