A Leon

  •   It is interesting to me how an event or phrase or experience taken out of context lacks the profundity of meaning due to the lack of connection with the emotions of the moment. I find myself visiting today the town of Leon and her many architectural treasures. I have been here before. Yes it was 35 years ago when Jean and I dragged young Amanda about the north of Spain to see what Amanda called at the time “more old churches”. ( She was only 5). But to walk nearly 300 miles on the Camino and then enter the cathedral in Leon is a whole different thing. I was blessed today with an early morning fog which made for cool walking and then after checking in to the albergue, the full sun and blue sky making it possible to appreciate the finest stained glass windows in the world. It was a whole different emotion. 
  • Leon, named for the headquarters of the 7th Legion of the Roman army (not the lion) has a long and important history part of which includes the Camino de Santiago. In spite of the fact that the town is a living breathing museum, it is a vibrant Spanish city with all of the pride it deserves. 
  • I have now walked nearly 300 miles and assuming I can find my way out of town in the morning, I will pass the 60 percent mark before second breakfast. You see there are as many meals on the Camino as on a cruise ship. There is breakfast at 7,  there is second breakfast about 10, there is lunch between 1-4, there is merienda 5-6, and then there is dinner after 8. I do not know why there are no fat people in Spain. I know why there are less and less fat pilgrims. Walking 15 plus miles a day with a 30 lb pack burns over 5000 cal.  per day. Hard to eat enough to keep the wt on. 

4 thoughts on “A Leon

  1. Dj says:

    Michaelito, just had a long conversation with Jeanie. I was checking in on your progress and she gave me a good report and of course I read your whole blog. Sounds like you’re doing well. Great job. I am now in Maryland, on a sad note, as my aunt June passed away last week at age 92. So in your walk Say prayer for her and for my uncle Joe who is Marie’s baby brother. He is doing well and of course the Irish wake was tremendous, all four Ferris brothers were in attendance and there was quite a reunion with my seven McCoy cousins and other relatives and friends. Bon voyage and smooth walking. Danny.


  2. Kristen says:

    5000 calories a day, huh? I know what I could do with that!! Leon looks breath-taking. What a contrast to other parts of your journey. Enjoy!!


  3. Caesar and Judy Meledandri says:

    Congratulations on the 300 miles that you have put behind you. This is a beautiful picture and I am sure that being up close and personal is much more satisfying. I continue to pray for your health and stamina so that the remainder of your journey goes well. Keep up the great work and remember Via Con Dios.


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