Who are these pilgrims 

the people on the trail are amazing. I have met the German sisters I mentioned earlier. In the 50s one lives in Canada and they are doing the Camino together. In fact sisters is perhaps the largwrs group beyond individuals. Two from Chicago in their 50s. Two from Minn. in their 20s because their dad did the trail 14 years ago. There are father daughter pairs, a mother daughter pair, many couples, one from Austrailia, one from UK, one from Tenn. many from Germany, etc. all in all an ensalada mixta of people for their own reasons at their own paces having the time of a life. Today I walked up a hill with twoIrishmen one a doctor and another a banker. Long time friends. They do a part of the Camino each year a few days at a time. I was hanging laundry today with a Polish woman doing her 5th Camino trying to over 30 km per day.  Every imaginable reason to be here and ways to get it done 


5 thoughts on “Who are these pilgrims 

  1. Tom Mannle says:

    Oh, the German sisters! (emphasis on the noun)….could be I missed the obvious, that you were talking about real sisters, rather than the hostesses of whatever spiritual place you laid your head last night….but then….what had you done to ingratiate yourself to the extent that you acquired human alarm clocks? Hmmmm….

    I suspect, although you didn’t say, that you’re in Ciruena this evening? Just checking

    And, by all means, YES!! BEAT NAVY!!


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