Castillo y Leon

  1. i have now made it trough Navarra and La Rioja and entered into the province above. Started this morning in Ciruena and will spend the night in Vilamayor del Rio. Tough day of  25 km walking the last 3 hours into a stiff wind with my first rain. Glad to get here. This makes my trip 5 km short of the guide book’s day 10 at the end of day 9. I plan to take a short day tomorrow in order to rest up for the hills upcoming and I want to see Atapuerca as they have a new dig there of some of Europes earliest remains. I have appreciated the comments of encouragemt when I can see them as this is not a wifi prolific part of Spain. 
  2. I walked past a group of young Israelis today and they dubbed me with the name El Rey del Camino. I asked why and they said that the cup of water I have attached to my rucksack looks like a chalice. It is a nice thought but I am happy to be Caminopapi. 

5 thoughts on “Castillo y Leon

  1. Kristen says:

    El Rey! Love it and can see that being a great way they could address you. Own that! I would doubt they throw that phrase out flippantly. Great that you’ll take a shorter day tomorrow to rest you. You need that. Uber intensity cab only last for so long. You’ve inspired me to up the ante in my life too. Just joined a fitness club of über intensity too. Loving it – but it’s no camino!!


  2. Tom Mannle says:

    El Rey goes nicely with La Fabulista….are you listenin’, Jean??

    Gorgeous picture, Michael….when are we going to get a picture of you from behind, with similar surroundings? I’m sure you can persuade one of your fellow peregrinos to perform the service….



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