Some of you know this but I feel the need to explain. Along the 500 mile route are scores of hostal type place to stay. They are often humble usually have a meal shower and bed. Often there is a place to do laundry even if by hand and today we are treated to some form for wifi (weefee here in Spain). We all have our priorities but once you get into an Alberge I like to shower, was cloths, get them out to dry, report in, find food and relax while reps king for tomorrow’s journey. I have been in a strange collection of places. From the large municipal place in St Jean, the huge monestary in Roncesvalles, a new private place in Larrosana, over a restaurant in the town that starts with a Z, last night was a private place with great facilities where they woke us this morning with Gregorian. Hangs and the owner hugged us all as we left this morning. This place is the first I came to after walking 27 km. passing the Rioja Alta golf club. It is a private home with an exentric owner who is a hoot. There are only 14 places and I look forward to seeing this through. My day is usually a start around 6 as I am awake and want to get started  I walk about 6 hours with clear breakes for food and water every 2 hours. It is a routine that allows me to relax in the afternoon and evening and see the local sights but still get where I need to get. Most of today was trails through vinyards. Your pilgrim. 


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