Ventosa the windy pueblo

Awakened early by the German sisters, I decided to get on with my day even though it was before 5. I packed up in Viana and started off to Navarette. The guidebook has me arriving in Logrono this afternoon. I stopped for a coffee on my way out of Logrono before 8. Moving along I arrived in Navarette at 10:30. Too early. So I continued on to Ventosa. This means I have walked 112.5 miles of the 500. Tomorrow will my day 7 and I will pass the 25 per cent mark. So Dios quiere.  Today’s was city and vineyard walking. Nice rolling countryside. Weather has been a blessing as have your comments. Your humble pilgrim


7 thoughts on “Ventosa the windy pueblo

  1. Tom Mannle says:

    German sisters? They probably wanted you out early….nice to know there are nice (not scary classroom types) nuns all over the world….

    I would counsel that you not start looking forward to completing the Camino in 28 days, which your present pace might have put that thought in your head….you should take a rest day in Burgos, or Leon, or any other pleasant location (I can think of multiple reasons why you should linger in La Rioja….there’s a great restaurant among other pleasures in Laguardia, for example)….and besides its not a race….take some time to smell the roses…..




  2. Greg Ritchie says:

    Life is not a sprint. Rather it is a marathon or in your case, an ultra-marathon. Keep in mind that expectation can be a dream killer. So let it go. Take your time. You’ll get there. Love ya Bro.


  3. Donna Barbier Salsbury says:

    I’m so glad Greg told us you have a blog about your adventure. I’m still in awe of you as much as when we were kids. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.


  4. Kristen says:

    I’m more intrigued by what the sisters did to awake you? Barked marching orders? Slammed pots together? Rang a bell? Or just started giggling? No matter — sounds like a great day. All the comments are true that if you find a town you enjoy, why not linger?


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