Logoso to Cee

A mere 17 Km today in the first sunny day on out Camino Fisterra. The name of our location keeps changing I believe due to the influence of the Gallego dialect. More beautiful eucalyptus forest and rolling hills which were more appreciated due to the better weather. There was a 15 Km stretch of just trails with no opportunity to break, replenish water or take a break. We still were able to get to our destination after 4 1/2 hours of walking. Cee is a quaint fishing village and a bustling town with busy shops, schools, and of course restaurants.

As you can see in the photos, our route took us past the town of Hospital where an ancient pilgrims hospital once stood. It is the point where you must decide if you are walking to Fisterra or Muxia. We will continue to Fisterra tomorrow and plan to get to Muxia this weekend. Our first sight of the Atlantic Ocean was inspiring as we had a steep walk down the mountain to Cee.

We chose to splurge and stay in a hotel rather than an Albergue. Having your own bathroom, shower, and towels is a luxury on the Camino and well deserved at this point. We made the decision to take three or four more days to get to Fisterra and Muxia before returning to Santiago. I have been inspired by the quote of the Spanish author, Jose Ortega y Gasset when he wrote, “Slow down, do not hurry, the destination you seek is yourself “


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