So last night we were planning out our walks for each day until completion and the owner of our Albergue came through. He was a typical Spaniard, helpful but with strong opinions. He quickly rejected our plan and told us where we should plan to stay each night for the next several days. I accepted his advice and made reservations for the next few days.

We did the 17 Km today in just over 5 hours with a couple breaks along the way. One for breakfast about 10 Km in and another to replenish water and stretch my IT bands which were suffering from the down hills. I will send some photos of the peaks we climbed over today. Hard work but necessary to get where we are going. My Colorado friends are great company and used to walking in hills. They have been very patient with me as I stop often to breathe. Frankly,I do not know how I have gotten this far but for their support and my excessive pride. The good news is that we have our longest days behind us which means more rest each day as well as less walking. I might just make it to Muxia.


7 thoughts on “Logoso

  1. Elizabeth L. Newman says:

    Frequent stops are OK! Just relabel them stops to contemplate, not stops to breathe.  I am sure that your friends don’t feel that you are holding them back.  I admire you so much for your courage and fortitude  Elizabeth


  2. Scott says:

    Merci and I appreciate Michael more each day. He is the perfect guide, host, and friend to lead us on our 1st Camino. When we arrived on Saturday he handed us our Camino passports with the first stamp, and informed us that he had reservations at Albergues for the first 3 nights of our walk. He then arranged transport of our excess baggage from Santiago to Muxia.
    Stopping and eating at cafes and restaurants on our journey is a real treat, as Michael knows the language, the food, and the customs.
    Walking in the rain is tolerable because it is part of an amazing experience – the walk of a lifetime.
    No, we are not holding him back – we are together and that is exactly the experience we want.
    Buen Camino!


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