Portomarin to Ventas de Nardon

After yesterday’s rough start, today was a dream. Our hotel fed us a classic Spanish breakfast and our plan to walk only about 15 Km brightened the spirits. That was until we learned that it was all uphill. It was very cool with a light breeze. Great for me who managed to sweat through all my clothes in the first Km. The others wore light jackets. We were spread our over several hundred meters as the pace of walking varied. We managed to check in before 1:00 and since we were hungry and dehydrated, we decided to eat lunch first. With full bellies we checked into our room, showered, did laundry, and rested until dinner. Most dinners in Spain are from 9 PM. This place offers dinner from 6:30. Very American and it will allow us to be asleep by 8:00. We are on track to complete the Camino on 9 September and just enjoy the 10th.


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