Lessons learned

So we started our day later than expected. We were all so incredibly tired for the journey that the morning was beyond chaos. Amanda was concerned that she would be the last one awake. Instead, she was the first up and it was not until after 7 when we turned on the lights and began refilling our packs and organizing for the day. It was then that I realized that I had failed to call the phone number of the person who arranged to move our backpacks to the next Albergue. In a complete panic, I consulted the 8 year old guidebook for an Albergue to which we could send our packs and I sent an email to the company that moves the packs. We started our walk at 0745 on our way to Portomarin. It was to be a 20 Km walk. We walked about 25 without finding the Albergue. I was ahead of the group when I realized that the Albergue May no longer exist. We could out that was indeed the case and here we were, exhausted, thirsty, without a place to stay, and having no idea where our packs were. With the assistance of a wide number of Camino Angels, and a kind taxi driver, we ended up is a lovely rural hotel, found the backpacks, had a full and sufficient meal and are ready to rest and do it all again tomorrow. This time, I have a reservation at an actual Albergue that is still in operation, and we are only planning to walk about 15 Km. More tomorrow.


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