I arrived in Barcelona late yesterday afternoon and kept to myself. Today I took a wonderful walk through this city to a number of its iconic sites.

A beautiful city that exhibits a pulse like few others, I enjoyed walking and feeling the rhythm and sense of the city. It is young and alive and it’s spirit is projected at all who visit. As I walked, I dealt more energy every step. I walked from my hotel to the port where the statue of Columbus sits prominently on a column at the base of the Rambla, their pedestrian only park that has great restaurants and shops alone a mile or more heading up hill to the Plaza de Cataluña.

From their I had to walk to the most iconic place in Barcelona, the Gaudí masterpiece, the Cathedra of the Holy Family. Under construction for more than 100 years, this otherworldly arquitectural masterpiece cannot be described.

It is hard to believe that this visionary could have conceived if the methods necessary to complete his work but it is likely, finally, to be completed in our lifetime and you should all see it. Amazing from the outside, you cannot imagine the impact it has in you from the inside. The use of natural light gives the impression that you are in the presence of God herself.


4 thoughts on “Barcelona

    • Try the restaurant I just wrote about. It is not cheap but the experience is amazing. Try to sit at one of the high tops nearest the kitchen in the left side. It is like dinner and a show. All the best to you. I wish I could join you


  1. Tom Cafaro says:

    Love Barcelona. Many trips to our partner college there, European University. All the Gaudi sites, Las Ramblas, the historic district and great food everywhere. Fabulous city. Enjoy.


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