A singular culinary experience

At the risk of overdoing, I have to tell the story of today’s lunch.

Looking for something more than tapas in my last day in Spain, I get on a cruise ship tomorrow morning, I set out in the neighborhood of my hotel.

I ventured a block and a half away and read the very creative menu in the window of a restaurant called Media Manga (half sleeve). It seemed impressive and after all, I have the money, so I stopped in.

I sat on a high top in clear view of the open kitchen. It was late for lunch in Spain, about 3:00. I ordered a salad and scallop dish and a bottle of Verdejo from the Rioja Region.

Caution: if food does not excite you or the details of preparation don’t make your heart beat faster, you may want to move on and read Barrons or something else.

The salad was prepared beats and orange wedges served with micro greens over burrata and dressed with evoo. It was simple and delicious and I am so sorry I did not take the time to photograph the presentation.

The main course was seared scallops and zucchini flowers. The portion was small but the flavors were out of this world. I loved how the chef thinly sliced the baby zucchini in three portions and presented them on the plate.

I had the pleasure of watching all elements of the preparation and the drama and teamwork of a high end culinary team at work. The chef, Benido, was a Sergeant Major as he presided over the most minute details of meal preparation and coached his people to a higher plain with every step.

After the kitchen closed at 4:00, I was able to observe the detailed cleaning and individual critique of every phase of the last shift. Like an after action review they each tasted and commented on the flavors and combinations of their creations. I spoke with Marta, the saucier and Georgia the salad and desert chef and watched them prepare everything in anticipation for the dinner shift.

It was like being back stage in the Bradley Cooper movie without the back story. I almost forgot to realize that I had a great meal, the show was so good.

Media Manga

Aribau 13. Barcelona.

34 93 832 5684



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