To become one again with those of the past. I do not know why it should bring such joy. After several arrivals, last night all of the dear friends of last year’s Camino Portuguese assembled in the apartment. There was much hugging and back slapping with generous smiles. There was much talk of the meaning of the Camino and the unexplainable phenomenon of a depth of friendship little known.

One of my favorite quotes about the Camino is, “One who has not walked the Camino cannot explain it, one who has not walked, cannot understand it”. This my friends is so very true. Last night over gazpacho, salad, bread and wine many stories were told to an appreciative audience until nearly 2:00 AM. It was grand. Mostly because there seem to be no memories of the heat, the discomfort, the effort involved in accomplishing such a task of walking 500 miles over a month. Oh there is mention of some of those things but most often with great humor – and a deep pride. This is an accomplishment that cannot be taken away. The pleasure in sharing it with those who truly understand is sublime.

I will not attempt to tell any of the stories here although Some have been told on earlier pages of this blog from my two Camino adventures. But please know that I am deeply pleased to be in the company of this group.


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