Personal chef

Part of today’s adventure was to maximize our reunion time together, I arranged for a personal chef to come to the apartment and prepare the six of us a Spanish meal. I wanted to do this not just for the culinary adventure but to be able to spend as much time with friends as possible. It was a howling success.

I learned of an organization called MiumMium (look them up on the net) who have a brilliant business model. They have contacted personal chefs from around the world and tied them to VRBO and HomeAway web sites for people like me, renting an apartment in a foreign country. I was able to coordinate the menu and the date and time months ago on line. Tonight Julio César showed up on time with all the food and took over her kitchen. He prepared all courses, served all six courses to six people cleaned up and departed for 40€ per person. This was cheaper that we could have had in a restaurant and we did it without leaving the apartment, dressed as we chose to and most of us bare footed.

I highly recommend the site to you all and I wish them success.

Julio César

Gambas ajillo (shrimp and garlic)

Beef tenderloin with roasted pepper and mushroom potato purée

Apple puff pastry with iced cream


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