Yo, solito

Most of the members of the tour group had early flights and were long gone by the time I woke around 8:30. I had breakfast with the couple from the class of 1962. Very nice people who were also smart enough to plan an extra day in Madrid. I then completed my packing and had a cab ride over to the apartment I am renting for 11 days until my cruise home.

It is an amazing apartment. In a very old residential building at the end of the Gran Vía, it overlooks the Plaza de España with its statues of Son Quijote and Sancho Panza. Just a few blocks from the National Palace and the Plaza Mayor it is a great walking location for all things Spanish.

The apartment may be in an old building but it is modern and well furnished. I got here at noon and exchanged payment for keys with the owner. I then spent time unpacking and orienting myself to the apartment. I then went grocery shopping which was quite an adventure. I came home to do laundry and prepare myself a ration of lentils and vegetables while I did laundry. This may be mundane to most but this is my life and I am learning to accept it as I continue my search for myself.

I will be alone in this apartment until the 18th when my Camino reunion mates roll in for four days of touring and reminiscing. I look forward to their arrival but I find that I am surprisingly comfortable by myself. This is particularly surprising because I have little experience being alone. One of seven children who has had at least one roommate for all of his life alone time is relatively new to me.

This is the new normal. Mourning is for others. I choose to accept my fate and concentrate on how lucky I have been. How fortunate I am to have had such a wonderful life, family, and friends. Most of you who are reading this know who you are and how important you are to me. Tomorrow is another wonderful day in a happy life. I can hardly wait to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.


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