Andar por andar

We had 12 days of beautiful sunshine at the beginning of this trip but once in Madrid it has been cloudy and rainy. This morning I took a walk in the light rain to the Rastro, a city wide garage sale that happens every Sunday morning. There were few people out so I did not know if there would be anybody at the sale. Silly me. The Rastro is many blocks long and fills most of the Embajadores neighborhood and the streets are pedestrian only. You can buy literally anything there from tee shirts to wedding gowns, pots and pans, antiques, and crafts of all kinds.

On my way out I passed through the Plaza Mayor where every Sunday morning stamp and coin collectors gather to sell and show their wares. I wish I knew enough about coins to pick something up for Gordon Milligan.

I walked back to the apartment to dry out and have lunch. After lunch I sat to watch the World Cup basketball game between Spain and Argentina and fell asleep. When I woke the sun was out so I decided to take another walk. After the 3 days of rain and clouds, it looked as though Madrid was having a fire drill. Everyone was out walking arm and arm. It was pleasant to see 3 and 4 generations of families out walking jut to be out walking. Idid a little reconnaissance for restaurants for when my Camino friends get here. I found Jean’s favorite El Buey and another recommended by the Morands. I look forward to trying them both.

The street signs in old Madrid are large and often still have the pictures of the name of the street. Example being Calle del Codo has a picture of an elbow. I had to take a picture of a newer sign as it seemed like me.

Gracia in Spanish is not grace as in holy or well coordinated. It means funny as in HAHA.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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