Oh how I love this city. I have been stationed here twice and there is something special about Madrid. It is a modern capital city with all its hustle and bustle but something about it makes me feel at home. Jean and i loves living here and visiting here. It is a safe and comfortable city where the pace of life and weather are comfortable and inviting. I love the food, the wine, and the people. It is a great walking city. Today we had a driving tour and a guided tour of the palace and old Madrid followed by a lunch of tapas. I wanted to walk back to the hotel which was about 2+ miles away in 82 degree sunny weather. It was enjoyable beyond belief. To walk through the plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, passing Km 0, the PLAZA DE Cibeles, Paseo del Prado, la Puerta de Alcalá, and the Retiro Park each brought back fond memories of happiness that I will cling to all the days God grants me.

Tonight we attended a Flamenco show. Few artful expressions capture the spirit of this culture like the music and dance of the Flamenco. I have lived each show I have seen. It never gets old.

The national Palace:

Flamenco show:


3 thoughts on “Madrid

  1. Kathy Egan says:

    So proud of you Michael for living your life to the fullest. You a fine example for all of your siblings/family on how to appreciate the life we have been given and how to negotiate the painful curveballs that life hands you. I am enjoying following your travels through you colorful narratives and photos. I can hear your voice in my head as clear as if I were listening to a Podcast. More please! I have no doubt that you are making friends and telling others of your past experiences in Madrid. Eat, drink and be merry! Love you.


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