On to Ubeda-Got olives

There is an unlikely Parador in the small town of Ubeda where we spent one night. It is in the center of the province of Jaén. We drove for hours with olive trees as far as the eye could see.

Jaén is responsible for 45 % of Spanish olive oil production and 25% of world wide production. We visited a few well preserved public buildings from the 1500s

but the most amazing sights were only discovered 10 years ago during construction of an apartment building. The remains of a synagogue from the 13th century that had been covered over and long forgotten. The meticulous restoration took place with loving care and discovered a number of Sefardic Jewish items and a a basement mikve or ceremonial washing place in the basement in what seems to be surrounded by a much older Neolithic dwelling from 5-6000 years ago.


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