When you place a foot in front of toe it’s amazing where you’ll go. 

Is it about the walking

It seems so very far

Camino only looked at me

“Tienes que empezar”

I started up a mountain 

Not knowing where it goes

And sliding down the other side

Lost unas from my toes

I cannot be discouraged 

I rose before the sun

And walked another grueling day

But finished before one

I just might get the hang of this

While making many friends

The joy to see a smiling face

And blisters on the mend

Camino is a metaphor for life

It’s long and full of trials

For every trial you surely pass

There are treasures by the miles

The simple pleasure of the sights

The tastes and vistas too

They all bring back the best of life

And all the treasures too. 

  Buen Camino one and all


5 thoughts on “When you place a foot in front of toe it’s amazing where you’ll go. 

  1. DJ says:

    Congratulations Michael!! As you finish your Camino, I begin serious planning and training for mine next spring. I am doing the “Via de la Plata”, starting 1 April at Merida north of Seville, with my German friend, also a Michael. I must say that your extraordinary accomplishment and blog have given me hope that I too will wave my certificate in front of the cathedral. Much to talk about in our coming trip January-February. Danny


  2. Arch & Cordy says:

    Michael !
    You are our hero !
    Your blog was always a source of great entertainment.
    Well done ! What next ???
    Am sure you are appreciating ” home sweet home ” as never before.
    —Arch & Cordy


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