Things Lost

One of the many common themes along the Camino is that everyone loses something or forgets an item along the way. Some items are even intentionally discarded due to weight or lack of utility. A basic rule is that there is no going back to get something. It can (almost) always be replaced. 

Howie left behind 3 pairs of reading glasses, the Kicks from Austrailia unloaded many brand new items when they discovered how heavy their packs were. There was a guy who forgot his passport (an item worth going back for). There were hats and scarfs and walking sticks left at albergues in the haste to get out in the morning. 

My story is that I lost a hat in a. Gust of wind that took it off as I crossed a bridge over a highway. I was not going to search for it in the dark on a highway. I also lost about 20 pounds and two toe nails but I am sure all of that can be easily replaced. Sadly as I left the hotel in Santiago this morning, I left the liter cup and straw I carried all 500 miles and for which I received so many comments. It can also be replaced and since it has not been washed in a month, perhaps it is OK to let it go. 

As I left Santiago this morning it was pouring rain. It made me recall how blessed I was with only one day of rain in my 29 days of walking. An incredible stretch of good luck. The train ride to Madrid took over 6 hours but I am now back in a city I earned to love a long time ago. Walking around taking in the sights and the tastes brings back many great memories. More on Madrid tomorrow.   



6 thoughts on “Things Lost

  1. Kristen says:

    It will be 30 years since I was in Madrid this coming spring. (Doing that math just scared me.) Yet I remember it, Toledo, Avila y Segovia all like it was yesterday. Please see if the cute boy Manolo is still working in the pizza shop next to my hotel! (We were in love.)

    Things lost – sure. But so much gained. You got a pretty good trade off and won in the end.

    Enjoy Madrid & walking down memory lane!


  2. Greg Ritchie says:

    I left my cup, in San-ti-a-go. There a song in there somewhere. It must be nice to slow down and relax. Enjoy the food and spirits. You deserve it.


  3. Joe Ritchie says:

    Michael, Madrid seems like a wonderful place to find some of those lost pounds. To paraphrase the most interesting man in the world, “stay hungry, my friend.”


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