Santiago, 500 miles in 29 days

About a million and a half steps after walking out of the municipal albergue in St Jean, today I walked into the Pilgrim office in Santiago de Compostella to receive my final stamp in my pilgrim’s credential and my Compostella. A very nice document but the rewards for this journey cannot be framed. Once I had the paperwork done my next thought like most pilgrims is to find a bed for the night. It turns out that arriving into a major tourist city on a weekend is not such a good idea. The first six hotels I tried were booked solid. I finally found a hotel, checked in, showered, and put on my cleanest cloths and set out to find food. Not difficult here. 

Once I had eaten, I returned to the hotel as the flood of emotions started to hit me along with the realization of aches and pains I was forced to deny for the past month. It will take some time to work out the soreness in my shoulders, back, and legs and to heal the blisters. The knee I twisted in the mountains on day one will require more attention than just rest and I ache for the comfort of my own home and the company of my life companion who has helped to make all this possible. 

It was all worth it. 

Thanks for your interest and attention.  



10 thoughts on “Santiago, 500 miles in 29 days

  1. Mary Lujan says:

    Congratulations Michael! You are AWESOME. My prayer today is that of Thanksgiving for your Blessed journey. You are truly # 1. It will so great if you connect with my cousins Kathy and Leeann tomorrow. It will be the fearsome threesome.
    All our love,
    Mary and Tom


  2. Joe Ritchie says:

    Michael, sorry that I don’t know the translation for Epsom salts, aka magnesium sulfate. It won’t fix everything but it will help tremendously. Soak that old carcass. Best wishes.


  3. Kristen says:

    I’m in tears. Tears of joy at the pride I feel to be your niece. Tears of joy just imagining what you must be feeling upon this accomplishment. Tears of loss that this blog and this journey are at it’s end. And tears of joy that you’ll be reunited with Jean soon. Congratulations!


  4. Mud says:

    Congrats brother Michael. Never any doubt that you would achieve this goal. Check this one off your bucket list. Looking forward to hearing more next month. Hugs.


  5. Kristen says:

    One more thing: ironically I finished the book “The Alchemist” right before reading this last blog as you reached the end of this journey & all its treasure. If you’ve read this book, you’ll understand why I’m overwhelmed with the synergies. If you haven’t, download it for your trip home.


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