28 days and 20km to go

Dearest readers,

After four weeks of walking every day I am having trouble coming to grips with the fact that this all comes to an end tomorrow when I complete the 500 miles by walking the last 20km from OPedrouzo into Santiago de Compostella. There is so much left to tell you and at the same time much of it I am afraid you will not understand. I hope to continue the blog at least until I can get home to the comfort of La Despensa. 

There are many lessons of the Camino. Each must walk their own in their own way. Lesson one about life is (to seal a phrase from Nike) “Just Do It”. How many times have we heard from people their laments of things they wish they had done, careers they should have entered, or places they wish they had visited. Just start walking and you will get there. Just start taking courses and you will get that degree. Just sit down at the computer and write that book. It is about placing one foot in front of the other, at your own pace, on your own time table, and eventually you will find yourself on the verge of completing your goal or your dream. Not that easy you say. Talk to Camino pilgrims who have fallen and broken a leg but returned another year to finish. Life is not easy nor is it fair. But you must live it. 

Tomorrow all that enter the pilgrim office with me with stamps from Sarria to Santiago (100km) will be awarded the same certificate of completion.  No matter that some walked from Le Puy in France or that some never carried a pack but had it sent each night by courier. Or took taxis and buses. Some people have it easier than others in life. Stop complaining and start doing. You just might find yourself on the verge of completing a life goal before you know it.  


10 thoughts on “28 days and 20km to go

  1. Caesar and Judy Meledandri says:

    I never doubted your resolve. I knew that you would fing that which you were looking for. Each and every one of us needs to do things in their own way. Congratulations on your completing the Camino. See you on the course closer to home.


  2. Kristen says:

    Your words on this brink are beautiful and I take them to my heart if ever I start to doubt or look at anything with regret or wistfulness or longing. I could just do it.

    Michael – you did it, no matter of the stamp or not!

    So proud of you & will tell many your story!


  3. Greg Ritchie says:

    I’m in awe. I know that you’re probably planning your next “camino” already. It may be time to slow down. Or maybe we can start a pilgramage from SC to NJ. 667 miles. Su casa a mi casa.


  4. Tom Flora says:

    Michael….You are certainly one of the most interesting and intelligent people I know. Your dedication and resolve in accomplishing this feat is more than commendable. It’s almost heroic!! I am proud to call you MY FRIEND. Looking forward to your safe return.
    Tom Flora


  5. AmandaFox says:

    Impressive, Most Impressive. 🙂 Things have been hectic, as life always is, but it has been nice to sit down every night and read your posts. So thank you. We can’t wait to see you and hear all the stories, maybe even while taking a lap around the lake or over a few bottles of wine… John never helps me drink them so I need help from you and Grand.


  6. Kuinetes says:

    Michael, soy Silvia (Oscar y Silvia, la pareja de Barcelona) 🙂
    He leído sus entradas y me siento muy feliz de ver que está llegando bien a Santiago. Sus experiencias en el Camino me han hecho recordar las nuestras y me he sorprendido leyéndolas con una sonrisa en la boca.
    Fue muy emocionante saber que Oscar y yo estamos en su lista de ángeles del Camino, gracias!! 🙂
    Buen Camino y hasta pronto!


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