Day 20 and all is well

Spent the night at a Parish Albergue in Hospital de Orbigo. This was a first for me. The priest oversees all activities and says mass at 8:00 each night. All the work is done by Spanish speaking seminarians that are sent here to help and Hungarian Spanish speakers who volunteer two weeks at a time. Perhaps y’all will consider flying to Spain for a couple weeks to live in some no name town cleaning toilets and making beds. Any takers?

I rose early as in my custom and started walking in the dark at 6. Covered the 26 km past Astorga and on to Santa Catalina de Somoza. Astorga has a magnificent cathedral and a building known as the bishops house designed by Gaudi of Barcelona fame. Astorga sits on a hill surrounded by hills. As I crested the top of the last hill at 8 something, the sun broke over my shoulder to light up the city and the cross that overlooks it. This is the scene I captured.  



One thought on “Day 20 and all is well

  1. Kristen says:

    How inspirational! What a vista! But no, when next I make it to Spain, I’ll either be on the camino or in a nice hotel. Either way someone else will be cleaning the toilet!


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