More on Leon

  • I can not simply leave Leon as a mark on the map. I had a wonderful experience there guided by someone I will address in a later blog as she deserves much more attention. I was treated to an amazing tour of San Isidoro. An early 12rh Century Romanic church of significant importance in Spanish history and the history of Christendom. The museum tour was amazing and the artifacts that tie the Christian history to the Islamic through their artifacts, architecture, and circumstances are truly what the Camino is all about. 
  • I also learned that the headquarters of the Roman 6th Legion was also based in what we now know as Leon. Attached is a sidewalk guide to the Roman Legioon one can walk about following the footsteps of the Roman Legions. It is meant to show the imprint of the legeonare’s sandal.   

2 thoughts on “More on Leon

  1. Gordy Schnabel says:

    Michael: When I saw the title Hospital, I said Uh- o. But of course it was merely the name of the town. Not a bad detour as it turned out. Leon looks very interesting and the history lessons are intriguing. I really had t laugh at your description of your chatty companions. Your progress is very impressive – drive on my friend!



  2. Kristen says:

    Gordy & I had the same thought. Phew! Just a town name! Leon sounds magical & I love that you actually could walk in the Roman footstep! And so glad you can eat well too. Why else do it! Put those 5,000 calorie burns to work!


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